Previously I reviewed the Docker Tools plug-in version 1.0 running on Eclipse Mars 4.5: Today I updated the review to use the newer Eclipse Neon 4.6.1 and the Docker Tools 2.1. I didn’t find any specific update of the plugin v2.x for Eclipse Oxygen 4.7

The core functionality hasn’t changed much, there are only two brand new capabilities: one to connect with the container shell/terminal and another one to “Open Image Hierarchy”, plus more than 50 bug fixes. To install this plug-in simply go to Help > Eclipse Marketplace > and enter docker and you will get the following results.


Select the option “Eclipse Docker Tooling 2.1.0”. Once installed, you need to establish a new connection with a Docker host. You will also need to bind your daemon to the host IP/port using the following command (note: the switch -d is only supported in version 1.9 and older versions): docker -H IP_ADDRESS:PORT -d &

[note: I also installed the Docker Editor provided by Open Analytics but is quite basic at the moment. It only does syntax highlighting and is not signed so you will get the warning seen below ]


The version 2.1 of the plug-in shows the settings and properties of the Docker host as seen below.


From this version you can also run/tag/push/pull an image and setup a new connection to a docker registry as seen below:

The run new container window hasn’t changed considerably since last version, so you can still specify the image name, environment variables, etc as seen below:


More info here.


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