Following my presentation on the Docker Global Mentor Week 2016 – Dublin, I wanted to summarize the tools I’ve tested and the resources that I’ve created in the Docker and ASP.Net Core space as follows:

Client side Docker/Openshift plug-ins / tools:

  1. Docker Tools 2.1 For Eclipse Neon 4.6.1
  2. Docker Tools 1.0 For Eclipse Mars 4.5
  3. Docker Integration 2.5 For IntelliJ IDEA
  4. Openshift plug-in for Eclipse
  5. Docker Toolbox For Windows & Mac (not longer recommended, only if you have a machine running versions of Windows prior to Win10)
  6. Docker Tools For Visual Studio
  7. Tools to lint Dockerfiles

Server side Docker/Openshift plug-ins / tools:

  1. Jenkins Plugins for Docker
  2. Jenkins plugins for Openshift
  3. Docker Tools for TFS
  4. Openshift Extensions for Visual Studio and TFS


  1. Building Web Apps with ASP.Net Core, MVC6 and Azure App Services (also in Spanish here)
  2. Running ASP.NET Core apps in Docker -English content coming soon- (also in Spanish here)
  3. Debugging Containers and running clusters in Azure Container Services
  4. Developing Web apps in the .Net Core for Docker -post comming soon-


Thanks for reading,

Javier Andrés Cáceres Alvis

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – MVP

Intel Black Belt Software Developer