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I don’t want to repeat what others have said about this topic. In summary you need to download the VS remote debugger which matches your development environment version, the you need to compile a debug version, copy over the DLLs and PDBs to the target server, start the Remote Debugger as Admin, disable Windows Authentication -in the options menu- (please note that once the troubleshooting session is finished you need to disable and stop this process) and attach the local VS debugger to the remote debugger by entering the target server name.

The complete set of instructions is in the following blog:


I just want to mention a limitation around remote debugging: it is only supported if the remote and local boxes are in the same domain, which is a pity because usually UAT or PROD environments are in different/controlled domains.

I am aware of different tricks to make this work (e.g.: creating two local users with the exact usernames and passwords in both boxes) but when will MS provide a clean way to debug  remotely in different domains?


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