Hi all,

Last week (Thursday May 5th to Saturday Math 7th,  2016) was pretty good for the local geek community. We had the opportunity to listen to great speakers, had a bit of BBQ and share some drinks to socialize about different topics, including ASP.Net Core, IoT and DevOps.

Some of the original talks that I planned to attend initially seemed adjusted to the audience and demand, so the following sessions were updated:

  • Mesos and Marathon, or that thing Known as ACS
  • Debugging Containers on Mesos/Marathon and ACS

To the following (more general) presentations:

  • Choosing your Application Container Strategy
  • Microservices Applications on the Azure Container Service

The #DecodedConf Dublin went really well and I enjoyed all of the presentations that I attended but I particularly liked the approach and message of the presentation “Run Your Own Open Source CI/CD Service” which basically instructed people about how to replace (paid) services like Travis, AppVeyor or CircleCI with self-hosted, lightweight Docker and Drone on cheap VMs.

Apart from the content these events are good to catch up with old and new friends, for example: I bumped into @sethjuarez  from @ch9 and @josholmes. My kudos to the team @dxirl for making this possible.

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Javier Andrés Cáceres Alvis

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – MVP

Intel Black Belt Software Developer