I have the Oculus DK2 and needed to program a video game kind of 3D world in Unity and C#. With that purpose in mind I downloaded the Unity 5.3.4 and then searched for the required Oculus components.

After a while I realized that Oculus merged the consumer setup program with the runtime available here. The setup program installed the version 1.3.0 of the runtime. Then I downloaded the Oculus OVR plug-in (as described here) to use the Oculus assets. When running or building the scene I received errors indicating that the rift dk2 device was not supported. This part was very frustrating and I wasted a lot of time on that but couldn’t make it work. So I decided to use older versions of everything.


I opted for Unity UnitySetup-4.6.9.exe and the Oculus standalone run time installer version This combination initially didn’t work because of the following error:

Unity v4.6.9f1, Oculus Integration v0.1.3.0, OVRPlugin v0.0.0.0.
OVRManager:Awake() (at Assets/OVR/Scripts/OVRManager.cs:442)
DllNotFoundException: OculusPlugin
OVRPluginEvent.set_eventBase (Int32 value) (at Assets/OVR/Scripts/OVRPluginEvent.cs:69)
OVRManager.Awake () (at Assets/OVR/Scripts/OVRManager.cs:469)

That error eventually dissipated after patching some DLLs in the Unity>Editor folder (as described here) and the seemed promising. After drag and drop the OVR camera and controller using the OVR plug-in I got a view in the scene but that view never appeared on the rift’s display. I followed many workaround like using standard third party controllers plus the OVR camera but didn’t work neither.

I’m aware that some people could make it work after similar workarounds but it simply did’t work for me and after spending some days on that decided to move on and use the HTC VIVE. Sadly today’s blog post doesn’t have a solution but the description of the error situation and the steps that I followed to try to fix it.

Did I give up too early?

Well I did a quick test in the HTC VIVE and simply worked without hassle, as it should be, so I decided to change the device. You know, Life is precious and short to be wasted in setting up plug-and-play kind of things.



Javier Andrés Cáceres Alvis

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – MVP

Intel Black Belt Software Developer