I was last week in San Francisco attending to the IDF and I must confess that I’m still thinking about all the cool things that I saw. I though in sharing the technical sessions which I enjoyed the most (in no particular order) with you so you can taste what is like an IDF.

  1. Writing Apps for Windows 10 with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP): unless you’re living on a cave, you should have heard by now that UWP is the latest *stack* for all Windows platforms. I liked the slide about Natural User Inputs ( slides | audio ).
  2. Cross-platform Mobile Development with Visual Studio 2015: in this session you will learn how to develop a native cross-platform mobile application (incl. iOS, Android and WIndows) using the latest version of Visual Studio and Intel MPX ( slides | audio ).
  3. Developing Windows Applications for the Inteal Real Sense Camera: learn how to build Natural User Interfaces (gestures, facial recognition, speech and touch less control ) with C# and the Intel Real Sense SDK( slides | audio ).
  4. Contextual Fusion using the Intel Context Sensing SDK: learn how to create cross platform context aware experiences ( slides | audio ).
  5. Windows debugging: if you don’t know what’s a memory dump and how to analyze it then this session is for you ( slides ).
  6. Next generation of Microarchitecture codename Skylake: learn more about the new faster and more efficient microprocessor ( slides | video ).
  7. Emerging Manageability Standards: learn how the Redfish spec / API will help you to manage servers and more( audio ).
  8. Biometric authentication in trusted executed environments: learn about Microsoft hello ( slides ).
  9. Intel IoT Platform: learn about the different components (incl. the IoT Gateway and Analytics Software ) that you can use to build IoT applications ( slides | audio ). There is also an additional session ( slides ) where you can learn how to add NodeJS and HTML5 to the mix.
  10. Intel Keynote day 3: this was the keynote that I enjoyed the most ( video ), particularly in the minute 53:44 where a cancer patient shares his experience about how IoT has helped him to detect and prevent hearth attacks while reducing the poisoning to his body. Also, the keynote of day 2 was cool for gamers ( video ).
  11. Learn how to modernize and improve your code with parallel programming ( slides ).
  12. Introducing the Microsoft Azure Stack: fancy to build your own cloud in your company with Azure? then this session is for you ( slides ).
  13. Last but not least, I would to mention the new open source framework for Big Data Analytics: Intel Discovery Peak. Another nice looking framework is. SparkStreammingSQL designed to bridge the gap between structured data queries and stream processing.

I hope you enjoy the sessions as I did. I also took some pictures of the IDF:

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Also my Intel Black Belt Software Developer award was renewed during this event! I’m so happy about that!. I would like to thank you to all my Black Belt fellows and everyone at Intel who makes this happen, hats off and all my sincere gratitude to Kathy, Russ, Vishwas, Scott, Morris and Christos.


Javier Andrés Cáceres Alvis

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – MVP

Intel Black Belt Software Developer