On December 3rd, 2013 I presented a preview of Visual Studio 2013 in the local technology user group, in Kerry, Ireland. During the event other technologies were showcased like Scala and Racket programming. I was glad to learn new stuff and share the new VS release and details about the .Net Framweork 4.5.1.

There was a nice discussion regarding C# support for Dynamic Dispatch (actually I bloged about it as well) and unique features of C# compared with other platforms like delegates, which are not a first class citizen in Java. Also during the presentation of Scala and the related Actor pattern (which is implicitly supported) I partially agreed with Peter Norving in his popular statement: “design patterns may just be a sign of some missing features of a given programming language” because in some programming languages/frameworks (e.g. Scala) the patterns are built-in the programming model. In the following picture some assistants keep the discussion going even during the coffee break because it was very interesting.


I would like to share the slides I used and thank to everyone who made this talk happen.


Javier Andrés Cáceres Alvis

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – MVP

Intel Black Belt Software Developer