Hello everybody,

On next 21 and 22 of June 2013 in  Hilton Dublin, Charlemont Place, Dublin 2,  the SQL Saturday #229 will be back to the Republic of Ireland’s capital: http://www.sqlsaturday.com/229/

I’m happy to comment that I’m preparing a presentation for that event titled “Data Architectural Patterns in C#”, more information here: http://www.sqlsaturday.com/viewsession.aspx?sat=229&sessionid=14846

The session topics are described as follows:
(1) Data architectural patterns that can be implemented in a modern Software Architecture for favoring non-functional requirements such as resource management (concurrency, even distribution) and resource demand (incremental caching, hash partitions).
(2) Design techniques (like Resource Pooling, Do Not Wait / Fire and Forget , caching components) and principles (like Eventual consistency, CAP theorem, Fine grained vs coased grained, Statelessness, Idempotency and fallacy of zero latency) to improve the application performance in the data access layer.

The session is for Software Developers/Designers/Architects and Data Architects interested in exploring the available software architectural patterns and techniques.

Hopefully see you there!

Javier Andrés Cáceres Alvis

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – MVP
Intel Black Belt Software Developer