I have been following the growing of the HighCharts java script charting framework for some time. I would like to comment a nice story about it.

The framework does not officially support right-click at the moment but its first class forum support is ready to accept and quickly respond to community feedback and questions in their forum or user voice site.

The story started when someone needed the right click functionality and as it was not supported then He came up with a fix (because this is an open source framework). I’d say that fix has been used widely in the development community so the original code contribution was changed in order to keep it separated from the official HighCharts code in a plugin form (so future updates will work).

I’d like to contribute as well in the plugin by commenting 4 things you should pay attention:

  1. The Highcharts.wrap method is the preferred way to extend the framework in order to call your own code AND the current/official code.
  2. Change the code from series (Highcharts.Chart.plotOptions.series.point.events) to your specific need (i.e. columns: Highcharts.Chart.plotOptions.column.point.events)
  3. If you’re using HighStock, do not forget adding a reference to the highstock.js file in the same scope that your rendering code, otherwise the HighChart object will be used instead of the HighStock (so you’ll get no right click).
  4. The original code was cleaned in order to remove the ExtJs dependencies (in the original code ExtJs/Sencha is used to draw a menu). So if you need something different than an “alert” customize it using ExtJs/Sencha or another framework.

I’m Über grateful for it, you cannot imagine how frustating it’s when you ask and get no response (compared with the Telerik’s comme ci comme ça responsiveness. See here, here and here). Kudos to the Highsoft team (there in beautiful Vik i Sogn -Norway- ).


Javier Andrés Cáceres Alvis

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – MVP
Intel Black Belt Software Developer