1. Runs only Microsoft software (I tried to run Chrome and FireFox and did not work).
  2. The IE desktop browser can navigate local development web sites but the IE “Store/WinRT” can not.
  3. It supports too few gestures (only basic touch and a creepy pinch/zoom).
  4. The developer license for Windows 8. I know is free but come on. It’s my PC/tablet. Maybe this makes sense for tablet/smartphone only devices.
  5. All changes are reflected in your machine. If you delete a system file in the simulator you’re in fact deleting it from your development machine. I know the Windows Simulator is not an emulator, so it’s not supposed to completely imitate the target machine as an emulator does (because is supposed to be the same architecture) but I would prefer complete access to my files and software (see point 1) OR a completely isolated storage (and thus an emulator).

At the moment (02/Nov/2012) items 1 to 3 are a pain for me. I hope in upcoming VS releases they be addressed.


Javier Andrés Cáceres Alvis

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – MVP
Intel Black Belt Software Developer