Hello Folks!
I have been working in community events & I have to say that there is a really huge interest in new Microsoft technologies, including Silverligth, Expression and of course WWF. My mission was showin’ all new features included in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008; some of the new ones people enjoyed a lot was the SendActivity and Receive Activity; I supposed that this behavior it’s because these new activities had masked many details about DataContracts and other Windows Communication Foundation details.
This event was called “Develop Yourself With Microsoft, El Sena & Ineta” (El Sena it’s a goverment institute in charge of public education in Colombia) and took place in Neiva (a Colombian City) on September 24th. Here some of the pictures:
Javier Caceres
This it’s me talkin’ about the SendActivity & ReceiveActivity
Here the participating people (thanls a lot!)
Sergio Victorio
And here there are some community leader’s with Sergio Victorio (the guy in the middle),
who is the person in Microsoft who support commnunity inniciatives.
Thanks a lot everybody and will share the slides & my technical experience of this event in a “comming soon” post.
Javier Andrés Cáceres Alvis
Microsoft Influencer Group
Microsoft Speaker Andean Region