Hello everybody
This is Javier Cáceres, I have to say this is my first post in my new blg; I used to work with other media but this is my first blog so I feel some strange.
Well I´ll start by talking about Ineta; this is an International Organization (which one I’m part of http://inetalatam.org/Voluntarios.aspx) focused in helping people learningf Microsoft .Net; as the primary target it sounds like simple but it´s all about it; I mean, It´s about friends, family, sharing and all it can pass when you join people in some activity.
The blog’s purpose it’s about sharing development experience and why not making friends around the world with his excuse =)
Okay, here I will primary talk about:
-Windows Mobile
-WinFX (WWF)
-Office Live Communications (Speech developmet & Technologies)
And sometimes about:
-Windows Mobile (itself)
-Development Community
-and other things..
Finally I’ll welcome you to read this & joining Ineta